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Short Stretch Sequences

9 videos 1 month access

A collection of short stretch sequences to help you release tension and tightness in specific areas of the body, improve flexibility and blood supply. The safe nature of these gentle, restorative sessions make them perfect for stress relief, injury rehabilitation or just switching off after a long day.

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23 minute full body stretch using resistance band

52 minute Yoga Flow

Gentle Yoga Flow class to help you stretch out and calm the nervous system.

15 minute upper back and shoulder stretch with resistance band

Short yoga sequence to help you open up, mobilise and stretch the shoulders.

25 minute gentle full-body stretch .

Give your body some self-love with this 25 minute stretch class.

32 minute Slow Flow to release and reconnect

39 minute grounding Yoga Flow

Short Yoga Flow to help you ground your energy.

15 minute shoulder stretch sequence with resistance band

Grab a resistance band and enjoy some much needed shoulder and upper back release with this short sequence.

44 minute chest-opening Yoga Flow

35 minute grounding Slow Flow